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London Radiology aims to provide a world class radiology service supporting a clinical network that collectively strives for excellence in patient care. We look to offer a safe and efficient practice that is patient focused, meeting the needs and values of our clinical colleagues.

Dedicated Consultant Radiologists

London Radiology has a team of dedicated Consultant Radiologists, supported by first class Radiographic Technicians providing same-day imaging for the majority of our patients.

One of the advantages of coming to a private radiology team is that our expertise is available before and after your diagnostic test. Our consultant Radiologists offer advice and guidance about the tests which are most suitable for you, and are happy to discuss results directly with you and your referring doctor.

Digital images can be sent all over the world, so our team can liaise with doctors in the home country of our international patients.



Investigations offered




Please complete this form and do not hesitate to contact the team on 020 7079 2107 if you would like any additional information about our services or would like to speak directly to one of our Radiologists.