What is CT Colonography?

CT Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy) is a very accurate and safe test used to rule out bowel cancer and its precursor, the advanced colonic polyp. It is an alternative to colonoscopy and frequently preferred by patients.

By confidently excluding disease in the colon and surrounding organs, CT Colonography provides reassurance and enables patients and their doctor to focus on alleviating their symptoms.

Dr David Burling and Dr Andrew Plumb are leaders of the London Radiology's CT Colonography team. David and Andrew are national and international leaders in this field with unparalleled experience dedicated to delivering the highest quality patient experience.

Benefits of a Colonography

  • Less invasive and avoids sedation
  • Less disruptive to daily activity (many people go to work after their appointment)
  • Fewer laxatives
  • Examines important organs which surround the bowel for example helping to rule out aortic aneurysm, lymphoma or abnormalities of the kidneys, pancreas, ovaries, liver and spleen.
  • Examines appendix (not seen well at colonoscopy)

Frequently Asked Questions

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