Pelvic floor disorders such as difficulty evacuating the bowel, constipation or incontinence are common and frequently debilitating, confining patients to their home or adversely affecting lifestyle. We understand that people with these conditions are often reluctant to seek help because of embarrassment and anxiety.

London Radiology works closely with world leading female and male surgeons and gastroenterologists in this field to provide clients with rapid assessment and diagnosis of their condition. Patient dignity and privacy are respected at all times and our experienced team will ensure you will be as comfortable as possible. We have expertise in assessment of a range of anorectal disorders including common proctological ailments (haemorrhoids, fissure, fistula), incontinence associated with anal sphincter injury (frequently obstetric related) and disorders of rectal evacuation including constipation.

Techniques include MRI proctography, anal Ultrasound and MRI of the pelvis to look for fistula and infection.